AJA FS2 v2.0 firmware update PDF Print E-mail
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AJA is pleased to announce the release of v2.0 firmware for the FS2 Frame Synchronizer. The new v2.0 firmware adds significant new functionality as well as improvements to existing features.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 04 December 2012 19:22
Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6 PDF Print E-mail
Utah Film News

Apple has silently updated Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6 with some major feature enhancements. Users are reporting HUGE render time increase with Final Cut Pro 10.0.6 as much as 700% increase in render speed.

Last Updated on Thursday, 25 October 2012 09:58
Utah Cluster Acceleration Partnership PDF Print E-mail
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Only one week to go! Please apply on or before August 30!

The Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) recently announced a $25,000 digital media innovation contest that will award $5,000 cash prizes to  five Utah-based companies. The awards will go to the companies whose proposals garner the most online votes from the general public.

Contest applications are currently being accepted online at www.saltvalleytally.com. The deadline for entries is August 30, 2012. To qualify, companies must be legally incorporated in Utah, have less than $1 million in annual sales, and be developing a not-yet-commercially available technology.

KONA & Io v10.3.2, Ki Pro v3.1 and SRExpress software! PDF Print E-mail
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v10.3.2 software for KONA

Now available for download is new v10.3.2 software for KONA, Io XT and Io Express! This release adds support for Apple’s new OS X Mountain Lion, including Gatekeeper compatibility, and also addresses issues associated with analog audio monitoring levels with the Io XT, and an issue with DVCPRO HD scaling with KONA LHe Plus.

Last Updated on Thursday, 09 August 2012 13:04
New AJA Windows and Mac Plug-Ins for Adobe PDF Print E-mail
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New AJA Windows and Mac Plug-Ins for Adobe now support the recently released Adobe CS6, providing tighter integration between Adobe software and AJA I/O devices for easier operation and huge performance improvements. These new plug-ins support the latest KONA’s, the Io Express and the Io XT.

Mac Users: If you haven’t already, install the AJA KONA, Io Express or Io XT driver v10.3.1. Then, download and install AJA Mac Plug-Ins for Adobe, v10.3.

Windows Users: Download and install the AJA KONA or Io Express driver v10.3 for Windows, then download and install AJA Windows Plug-Ins for Adobe, v10.3.

The latest drivers and new AJA Plug-Ins for Adobe are available here. Be sure to read the release notes for information on detailed fixes, improvements and proper installation.

Read more about AJA and Adobe in our press release. Watch the video here.

Last Updated on Monday, 04 June 2012 13:35
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